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Street Paws

"Improving the lives of animals living on the streets of Georgia"

What's New

We need your help with our capital campaign!

We purchased our first shelter September 14, 2023. The building has had its set of expensive challenges for us from plumbing issues, AC issues, our septic panels were hit by lightening, the tree in our back yard needing removal as it is growing into our septic lines, putting up fencing, paint, signs and more. The dog kennels in this building need to be completely renovated so we can house dogs. We are working on bringing in some experts for guidance on a direction to go with this endeavor but we do know it will be expensive. Please consider donating to our cause that we may be able to help more animals in our community. 

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Grey Cat


Toasting for Charity 2024

August 22, 2024 5:00-7:00 pm

Georgian Gallery

Join us for wine, cheese, art and community while supporting Street Paws, a local non-profit organization. %100 of the profits will go to Street Paws. Improving the lives of animals living on the streets of Georgia

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