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Without fostering, there is no rescue!


Foster homes provide a temporary transition for pets that are waiting to find their forever homes. Foster homes help with socialization and behavioral problems, overcome illness or injury, and help pets be ready for adoption. Someone fostering a pet can help with feeding, grooming, health controls, vaccinations, and taking the pet to medical appointments and adoption events. When you foster, you agree to take a homeless cat or dog into your home and give him or her love, care, and attention until they get adopted. 

Fostering is the most effective way to reduce overcrowding in shelters, thus preventing killings and opening space for more animals to be saved. Because some pets in shelter homes have behavioral and socialization issues, a fostering environment can give them a chance to be prepared for adoption. Here, animals feel the love and support of their foster pet parents and can overcome fears, recover from trauma, and fully express their personalities - all critical factors in increasing adoption rates. 

Benefits of Fostering Pets


1. Increases a pet's chance of getting adopted: Since foster families can learn more about the pet's personality, they can teach them house manners and other behavioral tricks to help them get adopted faster. 

2. Improves a pet's social skills: Many abandoned pets have been without a human family for months or even years. Fearfulness that shows up as aggressiveness is very common. But, being in contact with humans and strangers will help your foster pet learn how to socialize. 


3. Saves a pet's life: With thousands of pets being killed by shelter homes across the country, fostering a pet can save their lives and give them a second chance in life. 


Street Paws provides all the necessary supplies to safely and properly foster as well as covering all veterinary costs. 

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How to become a foster pet parent :

  • Fill out a foster application 

  • Interview with Street Paws Foster Manager

  • Schedule home inspection and complete Dept of Ag documents

  • Read Street Paws Foster Manual

  • Sign the Street Paws Foster Agreeement and volunteer waivers

  • Once approved, we will look for a new foster to fit your home and lifestyle. 

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