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Found a Stray?

By law, we are not able to take in stray or abandoned animals. To ensure the best opportunity for a potential owner to be reunited with their lost animal, you are required to inform your local Animal Control where the animal was found that you have a lost or abandoned animal in your care. They will hold the animal to help a potential owner be reunited, and many of our local county shelters also offer a friendly finder program where you can temporarily foster an animal during this time, but you must notify them about the animal.

Need to Re-Home your Pet?

If you own a dog/cat that you must re-home, you may send us a full and complete description of the pet
including its age, vet history, temperament, a digital photo, and the reason you can no longer keep the pet to If you have time to work with us to place your pet we can offer a courtesy post. Most of the time our rescue/foster homes are full. Rarely can we help the
occasional owner surrender. Feel free to post the animal in need on our Facebook page at

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